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Theory of Evolution The Evolution of Hox Cluster Essay

Dear Mr. Darwin, In your book The Origin of Species you talked about how natural selection was how evolution took place, yet you did not know how this mechanism was actually involved in evolution. Well you were right and now we know how natural selection plays a part in evolution. Natural selection does play a big part but there are others mechanisms that help shape how an organism evolves. These mechanisms include migration, isolation, genetic drift, and mutations. A specific new field in biology has developed, in which explicitly looks at mutations and how it causes the gene to change. More specifically it looks at how the â€Å"genetic switches† known as Hox genes have made these mutations possible. This new field is called evolutionary†¦show more content†¦This new population that was isolated adapted differently to a new environment and hence became a new species of bear. Migration is a mechanism that helps gene flow, by adding new alleles or changes in frequenci es of alleles that are already present within a set population. This can happen when another organism, in the case of insects on birds, gets picked up and moved to a new location. Migration will generally unify gene frequencies among populations rapidly in evolutionary time (Ridley, 2004). If the two populations originally had different gene frequencies and if selection is not operating, migration (or, to be exact, gene flow) alone will rapidly cause the gene frequencies of the different populations to converge (Ridley, 2004). In which causes genetic variation within the population, and can cause this new population to evolve having new characteristics that better suit the populations. Mutations are one of the biggest causes of variation within an organism. Mutations are changes in the genetic sequence, and they are a main cause of diversity among organisms (Loewe, 2008). Mutations mainly arise as copy errors when DNA is replicated at mitosis and meiosis (Ridley, 2004). There is a n ew field in biology that looks at how development produces morphology, and much of morphological evolution occurs by modifications of existing development gene pathways. Specifically it is the study of evolution andShow MoreRelatedeig1213804 Words   |  16 Pagesdiscovery of Tiktaalik shows us how we are related to fish in many ways that were hard to prove in the past. The title comes into play because although we our much more complex than our fish ancestors, everyone’s bodies comes from a long line of evolution that once contained fish. Chapter 2 - Getting a Grip 1. Describe the â€Å"pattern† to the skeleton of the human arm that was discovered by Sir Richard Owen in the mid-1800s. Relate this pattern to his idea of exceptional similarities. Sir Richard OwensRead MoreEssay on Ap Biology Your Inner Fish6743 Words   |  27 PagesCheyenne Grindrod AP Biology Mrs. Lancaster 05 August 2013 Chapter 1: Finding Your Inner Fish PART 1: (b) Prediction: Judging by the image of the magazine cover, this chapter will cover fossils as well as evolution. Perhaps it will talk about how land and water organisms are similar. (c) Description: The magazine cover is Tiktaalik which is a very famous fossil that is the first to show aquatic creatures becoming more associated with being on land and adapting. Tiktaalik is the first

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Euthanasia Is Criminal and Inmoral - 532 Words

Euthanasia is criminal and does not agree with the morals of people today. Ed Feinstein, senior rabbi of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, California states that, â€Å"It [prayer] recognizes God as the one who decides ‘Who will live and who will die’† (Wood 3 added brackets). Assisted suicide is a peculiar process and not the intended way to die. The constitution of India comments in Article 21 on the right to life: ‘Right to life’ is a natural right embodied in Article 21 but suicide is an unnatural termination or extinction of life and, therefore, incompatible and inconsistent with the concept of ‘right to life’. It is the duty of the State to protect life and the physician’s duty to provide care and not to harm patients. If euthanasia is legalised, then there is a grave apprehension that the State may refuse to invest in health (working towards Right to life). Legalised euthanasia has led to a severe decline in the quality of care for terminally-ill patients in Holland. If euthanasia is legalized it will change the values of doctors and push them to pressure other terminal patients into euthanasia. Euthanasia goes against the Hippocratic Oath doctors take at the beginning of their career and places them in an unsafe environment. Lynn Pasquerella, president of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, who has a PhD in philosophy states, â€Å" . . . health care providers are likely to experience ever-increasing moral distress over how to abide by the Hippocratic Oath’s

The Scarlet Letter Pearls Impact on Main Themes Free Essays

Pearls Impact on the Main Themes In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Pearl is a bastard child living in Boston during the 1600’s. Although she is the youngest character, she is arguably the most important because she emphasizes the main points in the story indirectly through her observations and questions. Two of the main points are that the scarlet letter represents sin and that sin is an inevitable part of life. We will write a custom essay sample on The Scarlet Letter: Pearls Impact on Main Themes or any similar topic only for you Order Now Throughout most of the book, all the townspeople and even her own daughter, Pearl, associates the scarlet letter as a symbol of adultery, which is a sin. During their walk in the forest, Pearl makes several comments that reveal her opinions on the impact of the scarlet letter in her mother’s life. Firstly, she points out that â€Å"the sunshine does not love† her mother and when it sees her, the sunshine â€Å"runs and hides itself† due to the fact that â€Å"it is afraid of something on [her] bosom† (Hawthorne 220). In this context, the sunshine refers to the innocence and the pureness of oneself which is the opposite of the scarlet letter, which represents sin. Because Hester committed adultery and is forced to wear the scarlet letter, the sunshine does not shine upon her because she is neither pure nor innocent. Additionally, the sunshine is also a representation of the community, because they too tend to ostracize her for the same exact reason. Since the sunshine and the scarlet letter are two polar opposites, they tend to avoid each other. In contrast, Pearl realizes that she is â€Å"a child† and since she does not â€Å"wear [anything] on [her] bosom†, then the sunshine will not flee from her (Hawthorne 221). Pearl indirectly makes the connection that the scarlet letter is a negative symbol, due to the fact that sunshine tries to avoid her mother, who wears it all the time. Conversely, due to the fact that she is a child and does not bear the sinful meaning of the scarlet letter on her bosom, the sunshine welcomes her under its rays. Even from a very young age, Pearl understands that the scarlet letter dictates her mother in every way. She also understands that it is a symbol of sin and nothing good can amount to it since sinful people are often ignored. Similarly to the point mentioned above, Pearl again, indirectly finds out that sin is a part of growing up. After making the association that the scarlet letter is a sinful thing, she tells her mother that she does not wear the scarlet letter yet. Hester responds to Pearl and says that she hopefully never will. Pearl is confused, and proceeds to ask her mother if the scarlet letter â€Å"will not come of its own accord when [she] [is] woman grown† (Hawthorne 221). The confusion among the young character reveals that she believes that her mother represents all the women in the community. By that, Pearl essentially believes that it is only natural that all people will eventually become sinful and bear the scarlet letter to represent it. It is a valid point but, Hester does not tell her whether she’s correct with the assumption. Instead, Hester avoids the topic and tells Pearl to â€Å"runaway†¦and catch the sunshine! It will soon be gone† (Hawthorne 221). Hester’s response can be interpreted in both a literal and figurative way. The literal response is telling her daughter to run and play before its starts getting dark. The figurative meaning is much more complex. In the paragraph above, sunshine has already been identified as ones pureness and innocence. When Hester tells her daughter that the sunshine is receding and advises Pearl to catch it while she still can, she is emphasizing the fact that sin is a part of life. Like the rotation of the sun, there comes a time in the day where it sets and all becomes dark. Pearl is currently pure and innocent because she is in the sunlight. However, her mother warns her that the sunlight is not going to be present forever and once it gets dark, she too will be sinful. The combined information about Pearl’s assumption and Hester’s figurative response to her daughter reveals to the reader that sin is an inevitable part of life. Pearl, being the youngest character, does not have the maturity to understand the complex world around her. However, her indirect observations and questions highlight the main points in the story. In this case, a few lines of her interaction with her mother reveals that her mother’s scarlet letter is a representation of sin and that sin is an inevitable part of life, which Hawthorne feels very strongly about. How to cite The Scarlet Letter: Pearls Impact on Main Themes, Essay examples

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Use These 3 Ingredients For the Sweetest Bite Sized Blog Post

Okay. You just finished your epic blog post and hit SUBMIT. Now you tweet it, share it on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and wait. Nothing. No one is biting. Why is no one is talking about your post? I mean youve spent time figuring out what to call your blog post, used examples to improve your content, used an awesome photo and even linked to other sites and old posts of yours. If youre one of many who started a blog and is wondering why no one wants a taste of your content, maybe you are missing some key ingredients that will make it sticky and sweet for your readers. Find out what the 3 ingredients are to turn your bland blog post into the sweetest blog post that every reader cant resist. 1. Break Me Off a Piece of That Paragraph One of the biggest mistakes new writers make is blogging like they are writing a paper for their college professor. Growing up, we learned that a proper paragraph is 5-6 sentences and that it should always include a topical sentence on what you will be writing. If you write like this on your blog, dont expect your readers to stick around. Only 16% of readers actually read word for word. That means 84% of your readers only scan your entire blog post that you so painstakingly poured over for hours. To gain more readers, make it easy for them to scan by using these bite sized tips: Break up your paragraphs throughout your blog post. Make a break after 2-3 sentences. Mix up your paragraph lengths and sometimes stick a 1 sentence paragraph in your post. To break up your writing, try to include bullets and  numbered lists (do you notice  how I did this with my blog post? If I were to just make these into sentences my post would seem long and boring to read). Use attractive headings in your blog. Brian Clark, the owner of Copyblogger, wrote to make your scanners into readers, you need to lure them into reading the next sentence. You can do this effectively by using headings that will highlight the benefit of what they will be reading next. 2. Excuse Me While I Nibble On Your Words Your blog post can have the most profound piece of information that everyone needs to read, but no one is reading it because of how its written. You dont understand because you made sure to edit for spelling, grammar, length, and redundancies. No matter how long you spend checking over your blog post, you could be missing simple things to make your readers want to nibble away at what you wrote. Take a look  to see if you are using these extra toppings   to enhance your blog post. Deliciously Decorate Your Blog With Bold Text When you bold key words or phrases, it helps draw the eye to important information in your blog post. It also helps the 84% of readers who scan by giving them the most important information in headings and bold text. If you are a scanner, youre probably only reading the headings and nothing more. At least with bold phrases, you can be alerted to informative content. Cut Away Clichà ©s to Make Room for Metaphors What are clichà ©s? They are sayings that automatically come to your head when you are writing and usually appear when you cant think of anything else to say. They bore us because weve heard them used too many times, but as a writer, it can sometimes be hard to think of original content and you may not even know youre using them. Here are 10 clichà ©s to avoid: Begs the question At the end of the day Moving forward As Im sure you know Been there, done that Busy as a bee A little late in the game A twinkle in (his,her) eye Moral of the story I couldnt care less If you want your readers grabbing for more of your writing, try using metaphors instead. Metaphors use parallel ideas to help get your topic better understood. They are often used for complicated ideas or as a way to spin an old idea in a new way. Lets use my blog post as an example. My overall idea, how to write a blog post, is an old topic that has been written about and spun many ways. I focused on making your blog post memorable and sharable. From  there,  I  wanted to use a  metaphor to give this old topic a fresh perspective. I decided to use food  as a way to  describe how to write a memorable blog post. Make It A Simple Dish To Read There are many topics you can write about but if youre using technical jargon and big words, you may be losing readers. Its important to know your audience before you begin to write your post. If you are writing about the latest fashion trends then using college level writing wont attract the right audience. Similarly, if your blog is about mental health issues in women, using slang would be inappropriate  for your reader base. Generally, keep your blog simple and if you need to write about something more technical, you can always use metaphors! 3. Tear Me A Piece of Your Sticky Content Everyone who is a blogger wants some sticky content. Its a post that gets shared on multiple social platforms and gets readers to keep coming back for more of what you are serving. How can you make your blog post oh so sweet and sticky? Provide Helpful Content If all you write about is how your cat spends his days with you, people wont be interested. They arent learning anything new from your blog posts. When you solve problems and present new ideas or old ideas in a new way, readers will get value out of your blog. Always think, how can I add something new for my readers that they will learn from? Engage With Your Readers Darren Rowse, owner of Problogger, wrote about his wifes new website and was pleasantly surprised by how she was able to gain a following. She did this by starting a conversation with her readers. She always: Answered any comments left on her blog or social media accounts. This lets her readers know she heard them and that she values their input. Always ends her blog post with a call to action. Its a question or action plan for your readers. It invites a conversation and is considered good blogging etiquette. Another way to make your blog posts engaging to your readers is by being personal. As a freelance writer, I want other new freelance writers to learn from my content, but also a little more about who I am and why I chose this profession. Thats why on my blog I write about myself and my career along with how to improve your writing. Interested in becoming a freelance writer? My course Write Your Way to Your First $1k goes into great detail about blog writing and formatting your posts for your clients. Wow your clients and enroll in my course today! Is there any more bite sized tips I have forgotten? Are you using these 3 ingredients for better blogging?   Which ingredient do you use the most and which one is the most effective in gaining readership? Please share your answers in the comments!

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Blacks and The Media

Blacks and The Media Free Online Research Papers In 1844 Secretary of State John C. Calhoun used minstrel shows to argue for the extension of slavery. He wrote â€Å" Here is proof of the necessity of slavery. The African is Incapable of self care and slavery and sinks into lunacy under the burden of freedom. It is a mercy to give him the guardianship and protection from mental death.† Now here 166 years later the media still portray African Americans as ignorant and uncontrollable. The media use negative imaging to instill criminal stereotyping. During hurricane Katrina one Image in particular portray African Americans simply trying to survive as looters. This image showed an African American child leaving out of a grocery store with food. As another image of a white couple leaving a grocery store with food as trying to survive this horrific tragedy. The two photos both published by Yahoo News. Shot by photographer Dave Martin for the associated press. The description on the photo with the young black man stated â€Å" A young black man walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store in New Orleans†. While the Photo of the young white couple stated â€Å" two residents wade through chest-deep water after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store after hurricane Katrina came through the area in New Orleans, LA.† The media evokes these negative stereotypes and ideas in place in mainstreams Pg 2 America. According to Lawrence Grossman, Former President of CBS News and PBS, TV newscast, â€Å"disproportionately show African Americans under arrest, living in slums, on welfare, and in need of help from the community. This is why the mass of un-socialized white America has a fear of African American. This is also how the idea of the â€Å"welfare queen† was started, due to the media output regarding single black women on welfare, its is assumed that all black women are single parents on welfare not want a job and abusing the system, when statistics prove different. Mainstream America use the media to downgrade the views and political actions of African Americans. Even in debates and political discussion white people tend to try and talk over the black counterparts in an attempt to downgrade them . Even the question directed to the African Americans are wording to confuse them. Research Papers on Blacks and The Media19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraHip-Hop is ArtBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XBringing Democracy to AfricaCapital PunishmentThe Masque of the Red Death Room meaningsWhere Wild and West MeetRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyThe Hockey Game

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Phrases to Use to Confirm Information

Phrases to Use to Confirm Information There are certain times in our lives that we need to make sure we understand everything. That’s when clarifying information becomes important. If we want to double-check, we can ask for clarification. If we want to make sure that someone has understood, you can request confirmation that someone has received the message. This type of clarification is especially useful in business meetings, but also in everyday events like taking directions over the telephone or checking an address and telephone number. Use these phrases to clarify and check information.   Phrases and Structures Used to Clarify and Check that You Understand Question Tags Question tags are used when you are sure you have understood but would like to double check. Use the opposite form of the helping verb of the original sentence at the end of the sentence to check. S Tense (positive or negative) Objects , Opposite Auxiliary Verb S You’re going to attend the meeting next week, aren’t you?They don’t sell computers, do they?Tom hasn’t arrived yet, has he? Phrases Used to Rephrase to Double Check Use these phrases to indicate that you would like to rephrase what someone has said in order to make sure you have understood something correctly. Can I rephrase what you said/have/said?So, you mean/think/believe that ...Let me see if I’ve understood you correctly. You ... Can I rephrase what you mean? You feel it’s important to enter the market now.Let me see if I’ve understood you correctly. You would like to hire a marketing consultant. Phrases Used to Ask for Clarification Could you repeat that?I’m afraid I don’t understand.Could you say that again? Could you repeat that? I think I may have misunderstood you.I’m afraid I don’t understand how you plan to implement this plan. Phrases Used to Make Sure Others have Understood You It’s common to ask for clarifying questions after you presented information that might be new to those listening. Use these phrases to make sure everyone has understood. Are we all on the same page?Have I made everything clear?Are there any (more, further) questions? Are we all on the same page? I’d be happy to clarify anything that’s not clear.Are there any further questions? Let’s take a look at a few examples to help clarify. Phrases Use these phrases to repeat information to make sure everyone has understood. Let me repeat that.Let’s go through that again.If you don’t mind, I’d like to go over this again. Let me repeat that. We’d like to find new partners for our business.Let’s go through that again. First, I take a left at Stevens St. and then a right at 15th Ave. Is that correct? Example Situations Example 1 - At a Meeting Frank: ... to end this conversation, let me repeat that we don’t expect everything to happen at once. Are we all on the same page?Marcia: Can I rephrase just a bit to make sure I’ve understood? Frank: Certainly.Marcia: As I understood, we’re going to open up three new branches over the next few months. Frank: Yes, that’s correct.Marcia: However, we don’t have to make all the final decisions right now, do we? Frank: We only need to decide who should be responsible for making those decisions when the time comes.Marcia: Yes, Let’s go through how we’re going to decide that again. Frank: OK. I’d like you to choose a local supervisor you feel would be up to the task.Marcia: I’m supposed to let him or her choose the location, aren’t I? Frank: Yes, that way we’ll have the best local knowledge.Marcia: OK. I think I’m up to speed. Let’s meet again in a few weeks. Frank: How about Wednesday in two weeks?Marcia: OK. See you then. Example 2 - Getting Directions Neighbor 1: Hi Holly, could you help me out?Neighbor 2: Sure, what can I do? Neighbor 1: I need directions to the new supermarket.Neighbor 2: Sure, that’s easy. Take a left on 5th Ave., turn right on Johnson and continue straight ahead for two miles. It’s on the left. Neighbor 1: Just a moment. Could you say that again? I’d like to get this down.Neighbor 2: No problem, take a left on 5th Ave., turn right on Johnson and continue straight ahead for two miles. It’s on the left.Neighbor 1: I take the second right on Johnson, don’t I?Neighbor 2: No, take the first right. Got it? Neighbor 1: Uh, yes, let me just repeat. Take a left on 5th Ave., turn right on Johnson and continue straight ahead for two miles.Neighbor 2: Yes, that’s it. Neighbor 1: Great. Thanks for your help.Neighbor 2: No problem.

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Business plan coments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Business plan coments - Essay Example Therefore, a tailored business model has been prepared by the firm which covers different aspects including what the firm would be outsourcing, what their main objectives would be, what services they would be offering to the customers to attract them etc. The team has identified the major forces that influence the firm, which is one of the strengths of the business plan. These forces include market issues, market segments, needs and demands of the industry, cost of customers if they switch their services, attractions for customers etc. In addition to this, the team has also identified different industry forces including competitors, new entrants, substitute products, suppliers and other stakeholders that would have an influence on the firm. Other factors like macro-economic forces, and key trends in the industry including technological trends, regulatory trends etc have also been presented in the report. In the other section of the business plan, the team has covered the market opportunity analysis in a manner that would be attractive for investors when they are going through the business plan and evaluating the business idea for the purpose of investment. The target market of the firm has been described as well as what the target market prefers has also been identified, showing more in-depth analysis and hard work of the team. The team has also analyzed the offerings of the competing firms and what factors or services of the competitors could influence the company. A brief description about the services of the competitors has been explained to analyze its impact on the company. In the section of market analysis, the team has identified the growth of e-commerce market industry in the last few years which is an important variable considering the services of the company. In addition, the team has conducted sufficient research to identify how the market would perform in the years to come along with the total value of the